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Magnum Helicopters
Doors Off

This Oahu helicopter is doors off, meaning you will fly without doors in the way of your viewing pleasure! Departing from Honolulu Airport, this tour takes you along the island’s south shore and all the top attractions, beginning with downtown Honolulu and Waikiki Beach.

schedule50 minutes

  • retail $269.00
  • discount $232.00
  • save $37.00
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Novictor Helicopters
Flashing Skies Fireworks Tour

Ever seen a fireworks show from the air? Here’s your chance! Enjoy an evening Waikiki helicopter tour, with great views of the Honolulu skyline and the moonlit ocean. As the sun sets, you’ll fly over Oahu’s scenic south shore.

schedule30 minutes

  • price$240.00
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Novictor Helicopters
Honolulu City Lights Tour

This tour features great aerial views of Honolulu Harbor and the Aloha Tower, downtown Honolulu and world-famous Waikiki.

schedule15 minutes

  • price$190.00
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Novictor Helicopters
Waikiki Sunset Tour

Enjoy a sunset helicopter tour of the world-famous shores of Waikiki. This helicopter tour takes you along Waikiki Beach to the top of iconic Diamond Head crater, from where you can watch as the sun casts a golden light on Honolulu.

schedule20 minutes

  • price$205.00
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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Complete Island of Oahu Tour

Looking for a Oahu helicopter tour that includes it all? Look no further! Hop on board Blue Hawaiian’s comfortable Eco-Star helicopter for a 60-minute complete island tour! 

schedule60 minutes

  • price$345.00
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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Oahu Spectacular

Departing from the Ko Olina resort area in West Oahu, this helicopter tour includes all the top sights around the island. Starting with great aerial views of historic Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. 

schedule60 minutes

  • price$465.00
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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Blue Skies of Oahu

This is a fantastic aerial tour of Oahu that takes you to all of the island’s top sights, including lush rainforests, secluded valleys and the metropolitan attractions.

schedule45 minutes

  • price$284.00
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Paradise Helicopters
Oahu Magnum Experience

Departing from the helipad at Turtle Bay on Oahu’s North Shore, this tour takes you on the same exciting route seen in the opening sequence of Magnum, P.I. Fly offshore above the ocean as you cruise past iconic Waikiki Beach.

schedule60 minutes

  • retail $359.00
  • discount $305.00
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