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What Will You See on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour?

When you fly high above the islands, a strange and beautiful thing happens: the island takes shape, and you get a clear view of the scenery and vast beauty of Hawaii. From the ground, views are obstructed and you can only see so far. But from the air, there is nothing to block your site and visibility stretches for miles. What will you see on a Hawaii helicopter tour? EVERYTHING!

Circling the island from a state-of-the-art helicopter is an amazing experience, and one that will stick with you. Seeing the hidden parts of the islands and having views that you can only have in the air deepens your appreciation for Hawaii and the island you are visiting reveals itself. You’ll fly by the towering mountains and see way out past the horizon, where the ocean disappears. You’ll see the entire coastline and the beaches that you’ve been visiting and enjoying, and you’ll see the quaint towns where residents make their homes.

There are sites on each Hawaiian Island that can only be seen from the air, and you’ll get to see those sites. Lush, deep valleys make up the interior of the islands and you’ll see just how far they stretch on a Hawaii helicopter tour. The rainforests that make up the islands are incredible ecosystems that are much bigger than visitors realize, and when you fly over the islands, you get to see just how big, lush, and incredible these vital parts of the islands are.

Hawaii Helicopter Tours are one of the top Hawaii activities available, and though seats are limited, a popular choice for visitors from around the world. Flights depart from airports on each island daily, with various departure times available throughout the day. There are weight and capacity requirements for each flight, due to the limitations of the aircraft. Once you get into the air and the island begins to take shape and reveal itself, you’ll fall in love with Hawaii all over again. This is one activity that you do not want to miss.

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