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Hawaii Helicopter Tours of Hawaii Volcanoes

There really is no better way to see Hawaii than from the air, circling the island’s best sites in the comfort and safety of a state of the art chopper. Throughout Hawaii are volcanoes that helped to create Hawaii, forming over millions of years of eruptions beneath the sea, eventually breaking the surface of the ocean and growing into the islands that we know and love today. Each island features a volcano or two, or 5, and you can see many of them on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

Volcanoes are prominent sites on any of the Hawaiian Islands, and it’s very likely that you will always have one in near site. The most distinct sites on Oahu and Maui are volcanoes, and the Big Island is home to 3 of the most famous volcanoes. Hawaii volcanoes offer a variety of climates and help to shape the weather patterns of each island. Standing tall over the island, volcanoes play a vital role to the state, allowing scientists to conduct research and study everything from an active volcano to the deepest space.

On a Hawaii Helicopter Tour of Oahu, you’ll have aerial views of Diamond Head, Koko Head, and the Punchbowl Crater. Maui’s volcano, Haleakala, is the highest point on the island and is an amazing place to watch the sunrise or hike through the crater, but a helicopter tour shows you all of the dormant volcano. Big Island’s Hawaii Helicopter Tours fly over Mt. Kilauea, the only active volcano in Hawaii, and take you over Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Kauai’s volcano is Mt. Waialeale and is the wettest place on the island, and one of the wettest in the world. Fly over and by Hawaii volcanoes on your Hawaii Helicopter Tour for the absolute best views of the most intriguing site on any island.

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