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Top Hawaii Tours and Activities

When you’re in the planning stages of your trip, you’ll encounter a large number of Hawaii tours and activities. Each of these offers something really fun to do during a Hawaiian vacation, featuring the island’s top sites and best things to do. Hawaii Tours and Activities are the easiest, and also most exciting, way to see the island you are visiting, each offering something unique for a Hawaiian vacation.

If you’re the type that likes to sit back and enjoy the scenery, you are in luck, because Hawaii sightseeing is one of the top Hawaii tours and activities you will find, and you’ll get to see the entire island while learning about the history of the islands. But sightseeing isn’t limited to just the ground; on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour, you’ll circle the island from above, taking in views that you won’t find on land, while witness the dramatic coastlines and interiors of the island.

History is everywhere you look throughout the islands, and there are many places designated to preserving Hawaiian history. Start at Pearl Harbor for the most well-known event, and learn the timeline of the United States entry into World War II from an expert historian. You can also find Hawaiian history at Oahu’s Bishop Museum and Iolani Palace, throughout downtown Honolulu, at the petroglyphs on the Big Island, and in so many more places. History is everywhere you look in Hawaii.

Adventure activities are incredibly popular throughout Hawaii, and if circling the island on a Hawaii helicopter tour isn’t enough, perhaps skydiving, snorkeling, surfing, ziplining, and even swimming with sharks will satisfy your needs. And of all the adventures you will want to take, a Hawaii hiking tour through the lush rainforest is the perfect option for fun, adventure, and even a little exercise.

The top Hawaii tours and activities take place in some of Hawaii’s most beautiful settings. From hidden beaches to the lush rainforests, there is so much to discover in Hawaii, and when you discover the islands while on a fun activity, you’re able to really get to know the island. And if adventures and spending a day on an activity isn’t your thing, you can head out to an authentic Hawaiian Luau in the early evening for a fun night beneath the stars. There is so much to do in Hawaii and you are going to want to make sure your visit includes as many top Hawaii tours and activities as possible.

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