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Thrilling Maui Helicopter Tours

Exploring Maui is just the best. The island is a special place, often recognized as the very best of the Hawaiian Islands, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll want to set off for fun and adventure. To see ALL of the island, including the parts that you cannot get to on land, you’ll want to head to the sky and discover Maui’s dramatic coastline and towering mountains on a thrilling Maui helicopter tour.

There are 8 options available for Maui helicopter tours, giving you the opportunity to find the best fit for you. The state-of-the-art helicopter provides a comfortable place to see the island, complete with huge viewing windows and communication system that allows you to talk to each other and hear from the pilot about all of the great things you are seeing. You’ll want to listen closely as you are about to hear all about the island and the secrets to an incredible vacation.

Imagine, you’ve arrived on Maui and are ready to get out and see the island. Sure, you can spend a day circling the island on a bus, getting out frequently to take pictures and enjoy the natural setting that is Maui. But, since you are looking for the ultimate sightseeing adventure, you have the advantage of seeing the island from the sky, drastically cutting down on the time you’ll spend sightseeing, which leaves plenty of for more fun, adventure, activities, or more time for the beach. So not only do you get to sightsee around Maui, you actually save time!

Maui helicopter tours feature a number of options. Depending on what you want to see, you can see everything on Maui, parts of the island, and even head over to Molokai, a short flight across the channel separating the islands for more Hawaii sightseeing. Everything from the West Maui Mountains to the summit of Haleakala, and even a flight over the heavenly little town of Hana are offered. Simply put, Maui helicopter tours are the best way to see the island.

Get a bird’s eye view of the best Hawaiian Island on a Maui helicopter tour and a sightseeing adventure you will never forget. There is no better way to see the island and discover the beauty of Hawaii. You’ll see it all and will be in awe at the tremendous beauty of Maui. Be sure to make your reservations soon, as Maui helicopter tours are a hot item for any Hawaiian vacation.

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