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Seeing Hawaii on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour

To truly appreciate the diversity and natural beauty of Hawaii, you’ll want to take to the skies and witness everything the islands have to offer from the comfort of a state of the art aircraft on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour. Whether you choose a plane or a helicopter, the views from the air are unbeatable, and from up here, you can see it ALL. Deep valleys, miles of beaches, towering mountains, and so much more take on a whole new life from up in the air, and if you’ve already seen some or all of the island from the ground, a flight over the island will only deepen your love of Hawaii.

Each island offers something a bit different, and it’s the uniqueness of each island that makes Hawaii such a special place. There are hidden surprises (hello waterfall!) as you make your way around the island, and even the island’s biggest and most impressive features look small up here. Circling a site like Diamond Head on Oahu, the Big Island’s mysterious volcano, or the always impressive Na Pali Coast of Kauai shows you the true shape and diversity of Hawaii, and you are not going to miss out on any of it.

A flight over any Hawaiian Island gives you a whole new vantage point of Hawaii, and it’s amazing to see the diversity from a bird’s eye view. Trust us, when you’re flying along and spotting hidden features, it’s amazing. And then, you head over a mountain range and a deep valley is revealed, or a hidden waterfall makes an appearance, cascading down the steep mountains as you look on in awe. This is what visiting Hawaii is all about, and you are not going to want to look away or a single second.

There really is no better way to discover Hawaii than on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour. Often called the ultimate sightseeing experience, circling the island in a helicopter is so much fun, and you’ll see parts of the island you are visiting that are hard to find, or off limits entirely. You are going to love flying around the island, and with so many options to choose from on every island, you are sure to find the perfect Hawaii Helicopter Tour for you!

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