hawaiian helicopter tours

Hawaii Sightseeing Tours in a Helicopter

In some places, sightseeing can be kind of a bore. What fun is sitting on a big bus, driving around and looking out of the windows at what you’re passing. There are usually a few stops included, but if you’re in a big city, stopping is tough and there usually isn’t anywhere for the bus to park. Hawaii sightseeing tours are not like that, and include frequent stops to see the amazing sites and natural beauty of the island.

Sightseeing in Hawaii is just a little different, and one of the best options for a Hawaii sightseeing tour is a flight above the island on a Helicopter Tour. This is the ultimate form of sightseeing, and some tours in a state of the art helicopter include landings at remote sites around the island. When you’re high in the sky, you get to see it all, even the parts of the islands that are inaccessible by land!

You really to get to see it all, even the popular destinations that are a must see on any trip to the islands. Sites like Oahu’s famous North Shore surf beaches, Maui’s Haleakala, the Big Island’s Mt. Kilauea, and the towering sea cliffs of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast. You are not going to believe what you are seeing, and will be in constant amazement with the Hawaiian Islands. This place is just special and you will find a whole new appreciation for the natural features of Hawaii.

We mean it when we say that Hawaii Sightseeing Tours are not like your average sightseeing tours. There is excitement, history, culture, and hidden sties all around. When you sightsee the islands on land, you get to have an up close experience. And when you see the islands from the air, you get to see everything they have to offer. When you see your destination island from this vantage point, they take on a whole new shape and show off features that you would never know existed unless you viewed them from the air. Take a an aerial tour for your Hawaii sightseeing tour!

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