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Hawaii Tours by Land, Air, and Sea

After staring at pictures of the Hawaiian Islands for weeks and months, you’re probably ready for some sightseeing and actually seeing the beauty of the islands. One of the very best things about Hawaii is the unmatched, natural scenery that is found around the islands, from the Na Pali Coast on Kauai to the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. There is beauty everywhere and finding the most beautiful sites is always something fun to do while visiting Hawaii. To find all of the sites in Hawaii, head out on a variety of fun Hawaii tours by land, air, and sea, showing you the sites of the islands from different points of view!

The most traditional option for sightseeing is to take a guided sightseeing tour of the islands best sites, spending a day viewing your islands most popular and must see attractions from close up. You’ll have the luxury of sitting back in a deluxe tour bus and watching the beauty of the island go by, while an expert tour guide shares the stories and history of the islands. But, you won’t be bus-bound all day; you’ll actually be able to get out and see the sites throughout the day, stopping often to take pictures and soak in the beauty of Hawaii.

As much as we love sightseeing on a tour bus, the very best views come when you’re flying above the island, and a Hawaii Helicopter Tour gives you a bird’s eye view of the island you are visiting. It is just incredible to see the shapes of the island and the details of the towns and coastline as you circle above. Seeing the sites you’ve already seen from the ground is amazing, but the real treat of a Hawaii Helicopter Tour is discovering the hidden features of the island, which can only be done from the air. You’ll see it all from up here, and will be blown away by all that you discover from the air.

Of course, the ocean is the star of the show in Hawaii and the views of the island from the ocean is almost unbelievable. Hawaii takes on a complete different shape from down here, and when you’re out on a boat, like when you take a Hawaii Dinner Cruise, you have a view that is just incredible. The ocean breeze, a delicious meal, and stunning beauty of the islands is all you need for a great evening.

Hawaii tours of the island come in all forms, and when it comes to sightseeing, there are great options to consider. Find the best views of the island you are visiting and discover the natural beauty of Hawaii by land, air, and sea during your vacation to the islands. Tours are available on all islands and are the perfect fit for any trip.

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