hawaiian helicopter tours

One Hawaii Helicopter Tour for Each Island

Each Hawaiian Island features scenery that is breathtakingly beautiful and seemingly straight out of a picture. During your visit, you’ll have many moments in which you’re awe struck at the beauty of the scenery, finding yourself at a dead stop to stop and admire your surroundings. The best way to discover the natural beauty of Hawaii and find the scenery that just cant be beat is to circle the island from above on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

Hawaii Helicopter Tours
Oahu - Blue Skies of Oahu Tour
This fun Hawaii Helicopter Tour takes you all over Oahu to discover everything from the historic sites and attractions to the island’s most remote locations. During this 45-minute flight over Oahu, you’ll find sites that are inaccessible by land like the towering Sacred Falls, the island’s deep valleys, and fly over the most famous beaches on the island, including Waikiki Beach and the fabled North Shore.

Maui Hana/Haleakala Special
The sites and scenery of Maui come to life during a flight over the island, and there may not be a better Hawaii Helicopter Tour than the Hana/Haleakala Special. You’ll fly over Maui’s Road to Hana, seeing the twists and turns of the highway from above, and fly over Haleakala, the most dominant feature on the island. This is one special adventure, and you will just love it.

Big IslandLava and Rainforest Adventure
Perhaps the most unique of the Hawaiian Islands is the Big Island, and a Hawaii Helicopter Tour of this island is just incredible. On the Lava and Rainforest Adventure, you’ll flyer over miles of dense tropical rainforest before heading to the only active volcano in Hawaii. During this flight, the diversity of the Big Island is in full view, and the sites will surprise you.       

KauaiUltimate Kauai Adventure
Kauai is an adventure lovers dream, and this flight over the island is a dream come true. You’ll fly over the biggest and best attractions of the island during this 45-minute tour, seeing the wettest spot in Hawaii - Mt. Waialeale, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific – Waimea Canyon, majestic Wailua Falls, and the island’s most amazing site – the Na Pali Coast.

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