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5 Sites You’ll See on a Maui Helicopter Tour

Circling the island of Maui, there are going to be so many impressive sites that you see, showing you the beauty of what many consider to be the best of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui is a diverse island with many different environments, creating a unique destination that features incredible and awe-inspiring sites and attractions that become even more amazing from the air. During your Maui Helicopter Tour, you’ll witness sites that are only accessible from the air, giving you a much more intimate experience with the island.

We’ve selected 5 sites that you’ll see on a Maui Helicopter Tour that will make your time in the air an unforgettable experience.

Though the volcano is not inaccessible by land, there is something that makes seeing the most prominent site on from the air even better. The beauty of the volcano is visible from this bird’s eye view and offers a view that is indescribable.

West Maui Mountains
To feel like you’ve been transported to another place, just head over the West Maui Mountains. Conjuring the feeling of a rainforest tucked deep in the mountains, there are sites that you will not believe are located in the middle of an island. Bonus views of the waterfalls that cascade down the towering mountains after a heavy rain.

The heavenly town of Hana is located way over on the eastern side of the island, and the drive to get there is one of the most famous in the country. After you’ve journeyed around the highway on a Road to Hana Adventure, head to the skies and see the drive you just took and how incredible it really is.

Maui Beaches
The beaches around the island are one of the biggest draws for visitors to the island, and from the air the become even more attractive. Discover hidden beaches and familiar favorites while you venture around the island, finding new places to visit during your vacation.

Sugarcane and Pineapple Fields
A major part of Hawaiian history, these were once the lifeblood of Hawaii’s industry, and a very important time in the lore of the islands. From the sky, you’ll see what’s left of this once thriving industry and have views of the interior of the island that show off the diversity of the island’s landscapes.

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