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5 Sites You’ll See on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour

By now, surely you’ve discovered that the islands of Hawaii are just beautiful. When you arrive, you’ll be in awe at the vibrant beauty of whichever island you are visiting. The mountains are the greenest green that you will ever see, the white sandy beaches are so inviting, and don’t even get us started on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. When you want the best views of the islands, you head up to the sky and witness the sites below. Hawaii Helicopter Tours show you everything on whichever island you’ve selected, and you’ll really fall in love with Hawaii up here.

Here are 5 sites that you will see on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour, along with the island you will find these amazing sites on!

Na Pali Coast - Kauai
There may not be a more stunningly beautiful and mesmerizing site than the 14-mile Na Pali Coast on Kauai. Towering sea cliffs, hidden beaches and coves, and the hidden parts of the island that can only be seen from the air. Trust us, this is one Kauai tour you have to take.

Haleakala - Maui
Maui’s most dominant feature is the dormant volcano Haleakala and if the views from the summit of the volcano aren’t impressive enough, maybe the views of the summit and the entire island will knock your socks off. You’ll see the entire island from up here and will be looking forward to exploring every inch of Maui,

Volcano – Big Island
The coolest part of the Big Island is the active volcano, Mt. Kilauea. Though it is not currently eruption, it did just complete a 30 year eruption cycle, so there are some pretty neat things to see here. You’ll fly over fields of hardened lava, the gaping Halemau’ma’u Crater, and see the newest land in Hawaii.

North Shore Surf Beaches - Oahu
Probably the most famous of the sites you will see on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour are the world famous North Shore Surf Beaches. In the winter, this is where the season’s biggest surf competitions take place, and also happen to be where some of Hawaii’s most famous waves are found.

Everything – All Islands
We’re cheating because this is too hard, but really, everything in Hawaii is so amazingly beautiful. The hotels along Waikiki Beach, the rocky shoreline of eastern Maui, the deep valleys that stretch between the mountains of all the islands, and the diversity of each Hawaiian Island. You are going to love a Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

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