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Kauai Helicopter Tours

What is the best way to see Kauai? A guided sightseeing tour on land is one option, and viewing the island from the sea on a dinner cruise or sailing adventure is another fantastic choice for seeing the dramatic beauty of Kauai. But, the absolute best way to see the island, and all of its natural features, is on a Kauai helicopter tour, taking you all over the island on a flight that you will never forget.

From way a bird’s eye perspective, you get views that you will not believe. From the summit of Mt. Waialeale to the towering seacliffs along the Na Pali Coast, this vantage point reveals the island in a way that many do not get. Kauai, like any of the Hawaiian Islands, is filled with diverse landscapes and secrets that you can only see from the air, and the view from up here is downright amazing.

One of Kauai’s most endearing features is that the island has remained largely untouched, keeping its classic Hawaiian feeling and the natural landscapes that have sprouted for thousands of years of volcanic eruptions. Kauai, as the oldest Hawaii Island, is as true to Hawaii as it gets, and is a true gem of the Hawaiian Islands. During a Kauai helicopter tour, you will see it all: the island’s interior, the stunning coastline, panoramic views of deep, lush valleys, and of course the beaches that line the entire island. You’ll even see Waimea Canyon! Kauai’s beauty is incredible, and once you've seen the island’s coastlines and lush valleys, you’ll fall in love. A Kauai helicopter tour is a great choice for any trip, and will easily be one of the best activities on your upcoming vacation.

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