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5 Attractions You’ll See on an Oahu Helicopter Tour

Circling the island of Oahu on a sightseeing adventure, whether you’re on a traditional Circle Island Sightseeing Tour or hovering above the island on an Oahu Helicopter Tour, there are so many great sites to see. The island is home to some of the most notable attractions, destinations, and sites in Hawaii, and throughout your trip, you have many opportunities to discover them. During an Oahu Helicopter Tour, you’ll get to see the very best of the island from a bird’s eye view and find a different vantage point of some of the favorites that you’ll discover. Here are 5 attractions you’ll see while in the air!

5 Attractions for an Oahu Helicopter Tour
Diamond Head Crater
The most iconic site on Oahu is the volcanic crater that resides at the end of Waikiki Beach, overlooking the most famous part of Oahu. The crater is such an iconic landmark and is seen from the entire western coast of Oahu, serving as an easy way to navigate back to Waikiki. On an helicopter tour, you’ll fly by and see it from above, looking down into the remnants of the volcano and getting to see just how massive the volcano is.

Pearl Harbor
The most popular destination to visit in Hawaii is Pearl Harbor, the site of the tragic attacks that thrust the United States into World War II. Though the airspace directly over the harbor is closed, you’ll fly by and get to see the memorials and museums from above, and have a view of the island that cannot be beat. Viewing the channels of the harbor and the nearby mountains is remarkable, making this one site you do not want to miss.

North Shore Beaches
Our favorite part of an Oahu Helicopter Tour is getting to see just how close together everything is and seeing the nuances of the island. The North Shore is one of the most beautiful stretches in Hawaii and the beaches here are the most famous big wave surf beaches in the world. Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline, and Sunset Beach are all seen while flying along the North Shore and you’ll be amazed at how close together they actually are.

It can be surprising at just how big the city of Honolulu is and during a flight over the big city, you’ll see historic sites like the Iolani Palace and Punchbowl Crater, plus the skyscrapers that make up the downtown area. You’ll also see Aloha Tower and get to see the streets and how everything connects while flying over the city.

Sacred Falls
Inaccessible by land, and actually off limits by law, Sacred Falls is the tallest waterfall on the island. It was closed many years ago due to deadly rockslides but you get to see it during an Oahu Helicopter Tour, and you will be amazed. Tucked into the mountains near the North Shore, you’ll fly over the falls and be able to take pictures before heading over the mountains and discovering deep hidden valleys.

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