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Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Hawaiian Islands on a Hawaii Helicopter Tour

Sightseeing in Hawaii is a longtime favorite activity, even for locals and residents that make their homes here. The islands are a beautiful place and even if you see the immense natural beauty every day, there is always the desire to see more. Even if it means seeing the same sites from a different vantage point, like up in the air from the comfort of a state of the art helicopter. From the air, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the islands, and be able to see sites that are not visible from the ground, opening up an entirely new world. During your visit to the islands, a Hawaii Helicopter Tours is the best option for sightseeing and discovering hidden Hawaii.

Each island offers its own unique sites to see. Though the islands are closely connected, they have their own unique identity, sharing their beauty through natural formed sites and scenery. A flight above the islands offer the chance to witness their diversity and unmatched beauty, revealing just how special Hawaii is. During your flight, which lasts anywhere from 45-90 minutes, you’ll hover above the island, starting at the airport and continuing to some of the island you are visiting’s most famous features. From there, a Hawaii Helicopter Tour takes you to some of the most remote locations, even those that are inaccessible by land.   

On board the helicopter, you’ll fly in style, with each helicopter offering deluxe comforts, like huge windows for optimum viewing, premium two-way radio, and comfortable seats for all passengers. Really, there isn’t a bad seat on the helicopter, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take pictures and see the best of the island that you are visiting.

Each and every Hawaii Helicopter Tour offers passengers something different, and throughout your aerial tour, you get to see some pretty impressive sites. There is something so neat about flying over Maui’s Road to Hana following a drive around the highway, discovering a towering waterfall on Oahu, flying along the towering sea cliffs of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast, and a flight over the volcano on the Big Island. Each of these sites are breathtaking, and are the reason to head up into the air for a bird’s eye view of the island. And these sites are just some of what you will see during your Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

On this fun-filled adventure, you get to see the best of the islands and experience Hawaii in way that many are not able to. Not only are the views jaw dropping, the helicopters are state of the art and provide premium comfort during your flight. The beauty of Hawaii is entirely different from the sky and you will develop a new love for the islands and discover new favorite sites during a Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

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