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What You’ll See on a Big Island Helicopter Tour

When you’re out on an adventure around any of the Hawaiian Islands, you’re able to see it all; literally ALL of the island you are visiting. There is no better vantage point of Hawaii than in the air, circling the most amazing sites each island has to offer and enjoying breathtaking views that stretch for as far as you can see. So, what will you see on a Big Island Helicopter Tour? The answer will blow you away.

For starters, the islands are much more than just some of the most picturesque beaches, though that is a big part of what there is to see in Hawaii. When you’re flying above the Big Island, you’ll find views of some of the best beaches on this island. From the Kona Coast to the North Shore, and even a black sand beach, the beaches on the Big Island are just incredible, and there is nothing like seeing them from a high altitude to show off just how beautiful they are.

Btu the beaches are not all that you will see. As you’re flying above the island, you’ll see the two highest points on the island, towering above the island below. Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are imposing figures, seen from most locations around the island. You may be surprised to see snowcapped mountains in Hawaii, but these two sites will show you just how diverse the Big Island is. In one view, you’ll see snow and the ocean!

Of course, one of the most amazing sites that you will see during a Big Island Helicopter Tour is the volcano and all of the sites that are found within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Miles of extinct lava flows and naturally formed sites are found during a flight all over the volcano, and when volcanic activity is high, you may even see flowing lava, a site that is simply mesmerizing.

Big Island Helicopter Tours are the best way to see the entire island and all of the incredible sites that are found here. Nothing beats a bird’s eye view of Hawaii, especially on the Big Island, where the diversity of Hawaii is in full view and you will see the very best of the island.

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